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What Kind of Franchise Sales Collateral Do You Need?

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Franchise sales collateral is just another term for marketing materials that promote the features and benefits of your franchise opportunity. These are the materials you, or your franchise development team will use to sell your franchise opportunity to potential franchisees.

One of most important things to keep in mind is that, as potential franchisees receive your sales collateral, they are judging it as a representation of not only your offering, but the quality of what you will be providing them with to market their franchised business.

Broker-facing Franchise Sales Collateral

When franchising your business, you’ll have to create broker-facing franchise sales collateral. These pieces are designed to educate franchise brokers, who will be introducing your concept to their clients. Typical broker-facing collateral pieces include 2-Minute Drills and One Page quick reference sheets.

Candidate-facing Franchise Sales Collateral

You will also need to create candidate-facing franchise sales collateral that supports and supplements your person-to-person sales efforts. Web pages, PDF brochures, videos, and PowerPoint presentations will need to be built to help educate your prospective franchisees on the details of your franchise offering.

Potential franchisees see your website not just as your website but, should they go into business with you, as their own website. Your brochures represent the quality of their future brochures. So, all your franchise sales collateral needs to be informative, persuasive, and visually appealing. It is strongly recommended that you need to invest in quality sales collateral for both brokers and candidates.


Here are some of the most important pieces of franchise sales collateral that you need to have:

Franchise Brochure

This is your most important piece of franchise sales collateral. It should provide potential franchisees with a comprehensive overview of your franchise opportunity, including your business model, the financial potential, and the benefits of franchising with you.

Franchise Website

Remember, they see your website as, potentially, their future website. It must be modern, up-to-date and convey the theme and tone of your franchise and its culture. But it also needs to contain all the important backend tools that users don’t see on the pages – like solid search engine optimization and connections to your other sources of credibility and visibility like social media platforms.

Franchise Videos

Videos are now the dominant digital medium. A franchise video can be a great way to tell the story of your business and franchise opportunity. Videos are the best way to tell a story and franchising is always the story of entrepreneurship. Everyone loves a good success story, whether it’s yours or one of your franchisees.

Franchise Testimonials

Franchise testimonials from satisfied franchisees can be a great way to build credibility and trust with potential franchisees. They can be used on your website, in your franchise brochure, and in your marketing materials.

Franchise Social Media

Most people looking at franchises realize that the franchisors knows things they don’t. And one of those things most franchise seekers are looking for from a franchisor is a sophisticated social media presence. And this area is only getting more and more of a powerful tool for you to use. So use it.

By creating high-quality franchise sales collateral, you’re not only educating prospective franchisees, you’re conveying to them the idea that “Hey! If you join my franchise, you will have cool, highly professional marketing collateral to support your efforts too!”

Sparrow provides all the franchise sales collateral you need

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At Sparrow Franchising, we not only know the importance of this part of franchising, we love doing it. Everything from brochures and websites to videos and social media. That’s not the case with other franchise consultants or experts. In short, Sparrow provides all the materials you need to not only be franchise ready, but to actually sell and open your franchises with new owners. Having this done as one complete service doesn’t just save you time and effort bouncing from one company to the next to get franchised, it is the reason we are the most affordable way for you to franchise.

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The basics of how to franchise

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This is the first stage of the process and an important one. You are learning the basics and making sure your business is even franchisable.

Here are five of the most frequently asked questions with the answers you need to know. We offer a free consultation and no question is off the table.

What is a Franchise?

At its most basic level, franchising is simply a specific form of distribution for goods and services.  But that’s a pretty generic and wholly unhelpful definition. So let's dig a little deeper...

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Why should you Franchise?

With other expansion options available, how do you know if franchising is the right way to expand your business?

Find out a lot more here >

Alternatives to Franchising

There are other options to expanding your business other than franchising.

Find out about them all here >

Is my business Franchisable?

You have a successful business and you’ve decided you want to franchise it. How do you know if your business would make a good franchise system?

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How to Franchise a business

A good franchisor should train, guide and support a franchisee in every aspect of their business. That means a good franchisor’s training and support infrastructure will never stop expanding and evolving. But, when you start, here are the 6 foundational pillars you’ll need to legitimately consider yourself ready to franchise.

Learn the 6 foundational pillars to franchising >

Some other helpful resources

Here’s a few very helpful links that help you understand the path and process of how to franchise a business.

Federal Trade Commission logo link from Sparrow Franchising

This Guide is provided by The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, to help you decide if buying a franchise is right for you. It also explains how to use the disclosure document that franchisors must provide. This is just one of the many documents Sparrow delivers for our clients.

Small Business Administration logo link from Sparrow Franchising

The SBA Franchise Directory contains all franchise and other brands eligible for SBA financial assistance. The Directory will only include business models that are reviewed and found eligible under SBA’s affiliation rules and other eligibility criteria. Another big step in the process that Sparrow delivers for our clients.

Score logo link from Sparrow Franchising

SCORE’s business mentors and tools can help you start, grow, or transition your business to a franchise. While they don’t actually do what we do and can’t actually franchise your business, they can be a great resource for making sure you, and we, do it right. SCORE is available to you no matter where you are in your business lifecycle.

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