50 Years Of Franchise Experience Taught Us 2 Things.

After spending decades in the franchise business, we identified a really big problem in the industry. Almost all aspiring franchisors begin with a franchise attorney or franchise consultant. For a price between $50,000 and $150,000, they help new franchisors obtain the necessary operational items needed to franchise.

Unfortunately, most of these experts don’t emphasize that these items are just the jumping off point for a franchise. New franchisors then have to find another expert for marketing and lead generation for the new franchise opportunity and then another expert for franchise sales.

Here’s where we change things for the better.

We believe our clients deserve to have one clear, low price for the entire franchise process.

Sparrow offers one transparent, all-inclusive fee that encompasses everything you need. And our cost is half of what some ‘experts’ charge just for one part of the process.

We believe our clients deserve to have one dedicated team throughout the entire franchise process.

Sparrow dedicates a seasoned team to your franchise, experts in all areas of the process, that will be with you from the start all the way to the close of as many franchise sales as you want.

Your Leadership Team
Kris Simonich

Kris Simonich

Strategic Planning, Franchise Feasibility, Operations & Development and Franchise Sales

Kris Simonich is a 20 year franchise veteran specializing in franchise development and expansion for both retail and service-based franchise systems. In 2005, Kris and his team were awarded most “up and coming” franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine for their work with a brand new start-up franchise concept.

From 2006-2008, Kris took a pet-related service franchise from 10 units to over 120 units. In addition to his sales expertise, Kris has also been a franchisor, co-founding the nation’s first energy auditing franchise system, Pro Energy Consultants, which, grew from 0 to 65 locations before being sold.

Since then, Kris has helped a number of start-up franchisors do the same – go from ground zero to having tens or hundreds of locations. Kris co-founded Sparrow Franchising, a mission-driven franchise consulting firm, to provide new franchisors a whole lot more, for a whole lot less.

Believe us, Kris loves to talk franchising. Seriously, give him a try. You may not get him to shut up. He’s crazy like that.

“Kris took over our franchise development efforts when we were in a lull.  For the next 8 years, Kris lead our franchise expansion efforts and was always dependable, responsive and a fantastic frontline impression for our brand.

    JOHN STEDMAN – Founder, Commission Express

    Pete Griffith

    Pete Griffith

    Strategic Planning, Franchise Operations & Development and Marketing

    Pete is a former creative director who worked at the world’s largest ad agencies for over 20 years. His work for numerous Fortune 500 franchises not only gained impressive creative and sales awards but grew their network of ownership.

    At Sparrow, Pete is involved strategic planning, franchise operations, development and all marketing and communications to grow and expand your business.  And his knowledge with online marketing, SEM and SEO means he’s ready to leverage any new technology advantages now or in the future.

    Pete co-founded Sparrow Franchising, a mission-driven franchise consulting firm, to provide new franchisors a whole lot more, for a whole lot less.  With three decades of experience with local, national and international franchise experience, he is as motivated as ever to help new franchise owners and their businesses reach their fullest potential.

    Pete also believes in the power of a good bowl of ramen and that the Chicago Bears are going to win the Super Bowl. This year. Every year. 

    Peter is a creative who is a buisness leader first. He was perhaps the key player in our turnaround and nothing motivates me to get every execution right as much as giving him and his team the proper recognition they deserve.

    STEVEN PROVOST – President, Long John Silver’s, YUM! Brands

    50 Years of Franchise Experience

    A partial list of franchises our leadership has worked on or with

    What We Believe

    Our Core Values


    1. Begin with the end in mind.
    2. Convey the whole picture, tell the whole story
    3. Seek the long-term relationship
    4. Always beware the ego

    Our Mission


    To provide aspiring franchisors the fastest and most affordable chance at franchising success.

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    Successful franchisors know that franchising is based on the execution of a strategy, not the accidental discovery of the right path. The Springboard Event gives you a fighting chance, by getting to you early, with industry best practices. 

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    The 2023 Franchise Leadership & Development Conference is designed for CEOs, Presidents, Franchise Sales, & Development Executives seeking inspiration and guidance on how to better grow their businesses.

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